Trailers and Trolleys

IBI Sailing can supply trailers and trolleys (both galvanised steel and aluminium) to fit any dinghy or inflatable boat.

Our gunwhale-hung 420 trolleys, that fit with any West-Mersea type road base, are the best available anywhere. The boat is supported by its gunwhales and also a webbing sling when trailing. When in use at a regatta, the sling is removed so as to eliminate possible damage to the slot gasket.

We can supply the Practic range of lightweight aluminium launching trolleys. These are suitable for Optimists, Toppers, Lasers, larger dinghies (up to Flying Dutchman size) and inflatables. Practic Trolleys are constructed of light and durable T6 anodised aluminium and are assembled in seconds using push fit joints. The boat is supported on a Strong 140 mm polyester sling.

For the complete range of trailers and trolleys, go to the Online Store. For help in choosing the appropriate trailer/trolley, call us on 07710 130212 or 01233 812992.


The TRD Practic range of snap-fit aluminium trolleys to fit any dinghy or inflatable Trailer